"Normal" Dineegee.

Dineegee is one of the king's royal dinnermen and is a good Weegee. He supplies 51% of King Harkinian's dinner.


Dineegee was born in 1227 BC to the Obscurian fertility goddess Enid Weeja. As a child, he wanted to write, but failed all his writing classes. Then, he took up archery until he shot Malleo in the prostate. Frustrated, he decided to seclude himself until he took up cooking. He was great at it, and began to serve people. Literally. He would cook people and feed them to Fakegees. Soon, he decided to use his powers for good and fed many important people. He died of AIDS in 2020.


Dineegee 2.0

Dineegee 2.0

  • Making awesome food
  • Accurate prostate shooting
  • Delivery

Holy Status

Poopism: God

Obscurism: God

Christianity: Demon

Hinduism: Heavenly Assistant (until it was realized his shoes were made of beef)


  • His clothes are made of dried food.
  • He is the Hylian Prime Minister.
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