The King uses the blaster.

The Dinner Blaster is a device that King Harkinian uses to shoot hamburgers and electricity. It can also shoot sauces such as Chicken Tonight, which the Nostalgia Critic just hates. The King uses it to destroy his enemies.




Inspired by the video game Dinner Blaster and envious of Mario's Super Mario RPG, the King invented the Dinner Blaster in 2004 to give himself endless dinner. Recognizing the sheer power of the blaster, the King enlisted Scatman John to monitor him and stop him if he ever tried to use it for evil purposes. The Dinner Blaster remained in storage until 2007, when the King used it for the first time in an insane attempt to kill Link and Zelda. The King failed, although he did manage to temporarily render Link obese. The King later used the weapon to ward off Dr. Robotnik's sexual advances, and in 2009, he used it in the seemingly-final battle against the evil forces of Ronald McDonald.

Alternate Versions


The new and improved Dinner Blaster.

An improved version of the blaster, completed and released in 2011, can shoot hot dogs, fish, and cakes. A prototype of the original was stolen by Yoshi spies and served as the basis for the Yoshi Egg Blaster.

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