Dinner Blaster

Dinner Blaster: The Video Game (released 1989) is a video game about The King using his Dinner Blaster. It was the inspiration for the real Dinner Blaster, which the game predated by about 15 years.


I.M. Meen has stolen the king's dinner, so he has to use his remaining dinner (which is used specifically as a weapon) to shoot his enemies and defeat Meen.


World 1: Ganon (600 health)

World 2: Wario (900 health)

World 3: Bowser (1200 health)

World 4: Evil Link (1500 health)

World 5: Weegee (1800 health)

World 6: I.M. Meen (2100 health)


Picture Type of Ammo Effect on Enemy
Chicken nugget Gives 100 damage. Good generic shot.
Hamburger Gives 250 damage. Similar to a bomb.
Mustard Gives 500 damage. Good for thin-range shots.
Peanut brittle Gives 1000 damage. Long-distance stabber.


Item Explanation
Coin Adds 100 points.
Bill Adds 1000 points.
Water Adds 250 health.
Food Ammo Adds 10 ammo to dinner blaster.
Shield Defends the king from enemies for 20 seconds.
Sugar Cube Gives the king full health.
Fork Finishes a level.


  1. Gomalan
  2. Gamelon
  3. Koridai
  4. The Mushroom Kingdom
  5. Earth
  6. The Moon


  • When it was first sold, it cost $39.95.
  • If you press A+B+up+left+down+right+start you have invincibility and infinite ammo, but you don't get a score.
  • If you press A+B+B+B+up+up+down+B+down+up, you become the Saiyan King (5000 health, five times as much as normal).This only lasts until the end of the level, and doesn't work in castle levels.
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