The flag.

"After you scrub all the Yoshies in Dinosaur World, then we can see if you can watch Scrubs!"

Dinosaur World is a continent on Plit that includes Yoshi Island and Donut Plains. It is the largest continent on Plit and one of the last places where cavemen can be found in large numbers.



  • Dome City (capital)
  • Gnome City
  • Roam City
  • Comb City
  • Foam City

Countries that Have Had a War With It


  • It is home to Belgian Waffles (not Belgium), so Yoshies there live for three hundred years (also counting their dinosaur abilities).
  • It seems to be near Bikini Atoll, despite the fact that Bikini Atoll is on another planet. This is probably why Mario visits Bikini Bottom so much.
  • Many people there speak Japanese for some reason.
  • They just love Christmas music there. Also, as many as 44% of all Yoshies are Mormons (not. Only 22%)