Dinosaur Rex

A image of an rex, a classic showing of outdated view of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are creatures that walk on straight legs, are Feathed creatures, and have two sockets in their skull behind their eyes. Some like mircoraptor, are no bigger than crows, while others are 130 foot monsters,

They are one of the earths Greatest survivors, and to call them an evolutionary dead end, would be the same as say your long dead famliy members are worse then you are

Conservation Status

On Earth, they are extinct. But in Dinosaur World (hence the name of the place) and Shyguyland, they thrive. On earth, they went extinct around the time Malleo was born.

They can be found in hell creek too in the YTP world.


Early Bird

The earliest birds came from dinosaurs. But they also came into dinosaurs.




Dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur video.

Dinosaur can mean a old team meaning "reptile" or it can mean "very old."


  • They lived 230 to 65 million years ago. They live on as birds.
  • They Were once terrible lizards, However The link to Birds is much closer then today. Some people on deviantart and Dinosaurs like this is not uncommen on the Website.
  • Robotic ones who appear as Transformers are the Dinobots, Trypticon (his own dino form), Overkill, and Slugfest (even though there alt-mode are cassettes).
  • Some of these were Pokemon adapted to survive in the cold as well as the hot and they were the Auroruses and Amauras who survived alongside the Yoshies, also the same went to Rampardoses and Cranidoses.
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  • All dinosaurs had feathers, Some say some they even had Feathers evoled into pangolin like scales.
  • In the future of Earth, They get to rule agian, 2 times as a matter of fact, The first one is the old world dinosaurs age, That starts around 3060 and feature all the normale animals and the 2nd time, The new world dinosaurs age, starts around around 8998 and all they animals form that time, Evoled form small one who survied many of the events before and those animal rule the future world for as long as planet earth is.


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