A simple game of dodgerock in action.

Dodgerock is a game where you throw rocks at people, and those people have to avoid getting hit, instead throwing the rocks back.

References to Dodgerock

  • The Yoshi Shuffle: Luigi throws a football-shaped stone at Mario.
  • My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Nelson Muntz throws a rock at Milhouse van Houten. The word itself appears for the first time.
  • The Land before Timmy: Timmy and friends end up using rocks instead of balls (same thing if you look at it in a certain context) to play dodgeball.
  • YouTube Poop: Often remixes of the Yoshi Shuffle. Sometimes other characters like Link will throw rocks (or substitute them for bricks).


  • It is still less dangerous than football, if you use pumice.
  • Do not use bricks in dodgerock. Link did that once, and he ended up making the king go insane.
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