God Emperor

Donald Trump is the Emperor of the United States of America. Since the start of his campaign, he has gotten a lot of popularity thanks to the fact that he was running against Skynet installed in a diseased woman. Additionally, he was also a strong supporter of memes, and therefore openly expressed sympathy for the forms during the Form Wars.



Orange Man Bad!

Donald Trump was born in 1946. After he became an adult, his father gave him a small loan of a million dollars and Trump used it to create a successful business and later become a reality TV star. He eventually inherited $400 million and used it to become famous. In 2015, he started his presidential campaign. By supporting memes, Trump was able to win and became President of the United States, saving us all from Hillary's wrath.


Donald Trump has a bit of an attitude problem as he constantly attacks fat and disgusting people like Rosie O'Donnell because he hates wymen. At least, that's what CNN would have you believe (at least Trump didn't blackmail a fifteen year old over a gif). In reality, Trump just doesn't go through standard politician fake persona bs and comes off an actual human being, which the MSM isn't capable of processing.



Your average Trump protester

Trump had a lot of hate from raging college students with autism. Surprisingly, they all somehow managed to be dumber than the people Trump ran against.

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