King of Microsoft Dos
Vital statistics
Occupation God/Weegee
Name Doseegee
Age ~10 Billion
Appearances Mario is Missing DOS Edition
Friends Weegee, Malleo, Dosmalleo, Dosyushi
Enemies Children
Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Relatives Weegee, Malleo, Greegee
Favorite Things Forcing children to play educational games
Embodied Personalities Mayor Linguine

Doseegee is one of the younger Weegees. Doseegee was an disembodied entity until 1992, when he decided to channel his energy to MS-DOS via Mario is Missing. He looks up to his older relatives such as Fortran, Weegee, and Malleo. Alas, due to his age and bad reputation due to him forcing children to play educational games, he is commonly looked down apon by his family. Weegee and Malleo don't mind him too much though. He died during the Form Wars in 2017.


Doseegee is known to be able to warp reality, in a different way than Rolf though. He can warp reality by opening inter dimensional portals between different systems mainly MS-DOS to Eluryh or Earth. He is commonly hired by I.M. Meen to fetch children from Earth or Eluryh and use his reality warping powers to bend time and the current operating system/console to MS-DOS in 1994 to I.M. Meen's labyrinth. Due to this, he generally hangs out at disneyland/world.

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