Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Vital statistics
Occupation Scientist, conqueror, singer.
Name Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Age Unknown.
Appearances Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, YouTube Poop, PINGAS DANCE
Friends Morshu, Scratch, Grounder, Kool Aid Man
Enemies Sonic, Tails, Coconuts, King Harkinian, Link
Hometown Celjie, Slovenia.
Relatives Hubert J. Farnsworth, father. Impeegee, mother. Mama Robotnik, stepmother. Ivo Robotnik, Jr., robotic "son."
Favorite Things Pingas, robots, ham, lapsang souchong tea
Embodied Personalities None known.
Not to be confused with Dr. Eggman

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (2975–3387) is a mad scientist, former wumbologist, time-traveling world conqueror, and enemy of Sonic and King Harkinian. He is also the creator of Scratch and Grounder, leader of P.I.N.G.A.S, co-founder of Pingas MMMMusic, and the inventor of the word "pingas."


Doctor Ivo Rrrrrrrrobotnik was born as Cubert J. Farnsworth in Celjie, Slovenia in the year 2975 to Hubert J. Farnsworth and Zeldeegee. When Cubert was a teenager, Hubert's relationship with Zeldeegee came to a violent end, so Hubert forcibly erased his son's memories and sent him into hiding. Cubert grew to hate his father, and after inheriting his money and property upon his death, he changed his name and had plastic surgery to look more like his stepmother. In the year 3027, shortly after he graduated from college, aliens drove him out, moving him to the Polisje Federated Republic in Germanistanialand commonwealth.


Robotnik at the Coney Island Disco Palace.

Robotnik vowed to get revenge and decided that an innocent (not!) hedgehog named Sonic was responsible for all of his problems, so he began to attack Sonic and all of Slovakia, where the attackers were from. He had no success at this for many years, and eventually decided to travel back in time. He ultimately wound up in 1960s Hyrule, where he met Morshu Schmitz, a young enterpriser and an avid singer. They started a band, and were successful until they broke up over creative differences in the mid-1980s. He then attempted to launch a solo music career with Pingas Music, which failed miserably.

Around that time, Robotnik tried other assorted ventures, including an amusement park, an ice cream delivery service, and a deli. He also built robotic servants whom he named Scratch and Grounder. Sonic eventually managed to follow Robotnik to the past and landed in 1991, so Robotnik started traveling back and forth from the future to the past, and the amount of problems caused Robotnik to tear EVERY HAIR FROM HIS BEAUTIFUL HEAD! It was around this point in time that Robotnik invented the word "pingas," although he had already used it in the past due to his time-traveling. He also organized the SSSSS Squad, consisting of Scratch, Grounder, and a robotic monkey called Coconuts, with the goal of capturing Sonic.


Robotnik as a political candidate. Isn't it patriotic?

Years later, Robotnik decided to compete in the United States presidential election of 2008 as an independent. He revealed his candidacy when he crashed the State of the Union address and embarrassed George W. Bush, winning unanimous applause from both houses of Congress. Although he managed to (physically) knock Hillary Clinton and John McCain out of the race, he underestimated the ultimate Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who defeated him. Robotnik didn't take the loss well and called Obama the N-word in what was meant to be his concession speech; as a result, he was banished from the US and decided to go back to Hyrule.

One day in late 2009, Robotnik got an unexpected visit from Dr. Rabbit, who was aiding Zelda in her efforts to defeat Ganon and Impa and restore her father King Harkinian to the throne. After Zelda offered to make him lotsa spaghetti in exchange for his help, Robotnik provided her with a huge PING—uh, rocket, with which Zelda and her allies crash-landed into Ganon's lair. Robotnik subsequently participated in the final battle with Ganon; Ganon was defeated, of course, and Robotnik got the spaghetti feast he was promised soon afterward. Unfortunately, Zelda had cooked the pasta herself, and he got food poisoning in the process of eating it.

Robotnik was understandably unsatisfied with his reward, and he ordered his minions to kidnap Zelda while he distracted Link by taking him on a trip to Soapland. He then contacted the King and offered to return Zelda unharmed in exchange for his dinner supply. The King refused, however, and Robotnik wound up bombing Hyrule Castle out of frustration. Despite the scheme's failure, Robotnik would promote his newest minion, a Japanese schoolgirl named Tomo, to head of the SSSSS Squad in recognition of her successful capture of Zelda—the first time the group had actually caught any of Robotnik's enemies.

SatAM Robotnik

Robotnik's son.

After many, many failed schemes, Robotnik finally defeated Sonic and took over Mobius in 3200. After that, he joined the Time Travel Police out of boredom and was assigned to bring an end to Earth's New Ice Age in 2355. He quickly got himself expelled from the TTP when he "solved" the problem by banning water. He then enslaved most of Earth until Ling, along with a bunch of forms and mercenaries, fought a war against him and removed him from power. He also lost his legs during an accident, so he became a cyborg. Eventually, in the year 3387, he committed suicide and died, and his robotic "son," Robotnik Jr., took over Mobius. Sometime after his death, he promoted himself to godhood.



Robotnik, after someone steals his catchphrase.

Robotnik is extremely intelligent, but he can be a real jerk at times, to the point where his anger causes him to make stupid decisions. When he's bored he sometimes drinks drugs or touches his pingas. He sometimes says the N-word when he gets really angry, much to Dr. Rabbit's joy and everyone else's dismay. He is also a severe procrastinator, often promising himself that he will do a number of things "tomorrow." He was once attracted to underage ponies, but he snapped out of it after he killed Gumball and sought redemption by jailing pedophiles such as Twilight Sparkle. He has also admitted to being on the brink of incest, although he has not clarified which of his relatives this applies to.

Relations with Other Characters


Robotnik does something he shouldn't be doing.

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King Harkinian

Robotnik once tried to make King Harkinian touch his pingas, and the King responded by shooting him with the Dinner Blaster. Aside from this, Robotnik and the King have had surprisingly little conflict over the years, although they still consider each other enemies.


Robotnik has experienced sexual attraction to Zelda in the past, although his attempts to woo her failed when he accidentally told her he had a "small pingas." He gave up when Zelda bluntly told him that she hated him, and he has since taken Yomi as his waifu instead. As mentioned above, he also took her hostage once in a futile attempt to make the King give him his dinner. (As if.)


Mah Robotnik

Robotnik gets a lecture from the King.

Youtube Poop Raiders Of The Lost Dr

Youtube Poop Raiders Of The Lost Dr. Robotnik

Pingas usual?

Robotnik's Epic Adventure Part

Robotnik's Epic Adventure Part


  • He is unaware of his Weegee ancestry and believes that his stepmother is his real mother.
  • He owns a technology emporium and a rail company, but the emporium is almost never stocked because his trains keep running late and/or getting blown up.
  • His favorite breakfast food is chocolate-covered cock. Thankfully, "cock" refers to chicken in this case.
  • He is strong enough to carry three hundred pounds of ham.
  • He often clones himself while "Running in the 90's" plays in the background.
  • He has the most beautiful head in the universe.
  • He just loves sharing a cozy hot cup of lapsang souchong tea.
  • He makes love with Grounder whenever one of his inventions fails.
  • He usually gets his favorite drugs from the The Kool Aid Man's Pub.
  • He keeps getting engulfed in dust clouds.
  • He attacked the Cutie Mark Crusaders for singing badly, provoking Applejack's rage.
  • He hates Sonic so much he had the word "HATE" tattooed on his teeth.
  • He was confronted by Chris Hansen once. Oddly enough, this had nothing to do with any of his actual pedophilic activities.
  • He once interviewed King Dedede.
  • He doesn't need any help.


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  • "SnooPING AS usual, I see?"
  • "Shall we do the PINGAS dance?"
  • "I'm demoting you to scrub monkey, third class."
  • "You STILL haven't gotten Sonic?!"
  • "I remember you!"
  • "Promotion?! What for?"
  • "NO!"
  • "SHOOT!"
  • "Hmm. The train is late!"
  • "You STILL haven't gotten Sonic?!"
  • "I'll have to give myself a promotion!"
  • "WHY? WHY? WHY?"
  • "Who cares?"
  • "Have a free sample of my super freeze breath!"
  • "Why is my beautiful head floating off into deep space?!"
  • "You've interfered with my plans for the last time, you idiotic idiot!"
  • "Morshu's right outside my window!"
  • "Always buy new toilets in the afternoon, after your ass have expanded!"
  • "You STILL haven't gotten Sonic?!"
  • "I just love sharing a cozy hot cup of lapsang souchong tea."
  • "I feel preDICTABLE!"
  • "Penis!"
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