Hyrule World Civil War aka Elyuroe War I

A group scouting Hyrule and stealing supplies

Eluryh War I was the First World War for Eluryh. It began in 1592, and ended in 1595. It was brutal, and was originally supposed to be the only world war of Eluryh. Unfortunately, there was a 2nd.


  • Gannonan attempts to take over Eluryh with the assistance of "Candy World" (which would later become Sugar Rush. Hyrule and everywhere else on the planet did not like this, so they went to war with Gannonan and Candy World
  • King Harkinian is predicted in 1592
  • Weegee manipulates Candy World's leader into supplying him with bombs, which lead to both sides being bombed
  • Terrorist attacks are plaguing Hyrule from Gannonan.

End of the War:

Originally, Gannonan and Candy World won the war, and ruled Eluryh for a long time. However, In 2014, the slave who would later be Link was sick of Gannonan and Candy World's rule, so he traveled back in time. With a bit of tampering, Hyrule and allies won the war.

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