Eluryh War II

The infamous "Senior Battle" between the oldest members of the armies

Eluryh War II was the 2nd World War for Eluryh. It began in 1948, and ended in 1851. It was brutal.


  • Hyrule is bombed by Ganonan.
  • Hyrule and Ganonan get into a terrorist war and eventually their bombing starts to make other groups angry.
  • So the other areas make an alliance to take over and split the land of Hyrule and Ganonan.
  • To prevent this, Ganonan and Hyrule reluctantly team up to stop the attackers.

End of the War

The other groups win. However, a time machine is found left over from a time escaped from Weegee. So the group travels back in time, and stole some bombs from the terrorism war at the beginning, and use it to kill the major leaders of the other groups. Once this happens, Hyrule and Ganonan win, and agree to spare the other places if they get to annex some of their land, forming "Hyrulean" as a side kingdom for both.

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