The Game Cover. Guess who's on it?

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the 6th Touhou Project game created in 2002.

It's about Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame trying to stop Remilia Scarlet from making the red mist all over Gensokyo.


  • Rumia (Stage 1 Midboss/Boss)
  • Daiyousei (Stage 2 Midboss)
  • Cirno (Stage 2 Boss)
  • Meiling (Stage 3 Midboss/Boss)
  • Kokuma (Stage 4 Midboss)
  • Patchouli (Stage 4 Boss and Extra Midboss)
  • Sakuya (Stage 5 Midboss/Boss and Final Midboss)
  • Remilia (Final Boss)
  • Flandre (Extra Boss)
  • King Harkinian (Extra Boss)


  • Sakuya appears as a final boss on Easy Difficulty, because easy difficulty has 5 Stages instead of 6.
  • If you complete Normal or Higher Difficulty, you'll unlock the Extra Stages.
  • This game is what Cirno, Flandre, and UN Owen was her first appeared in.
  • King Harkinian would have sued the game like he sued Taco Bell Z, but his level was themed after the number 4. Plus, he didn't Link to get him in jail again.
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