Link The faces of evil intro with Engrish subtitles

Link The faces of evil intro with Engrish subtitles


The Faces of Evil intro and endings translated into Japanese and then back to English.


  • Link: Gee, it's boring around here for sure.

 *King Harkinian: The boy my, this peace is what you strive for a true warrior of all!  *Link: What I wonder to Ganon.  *Gwonam: Majesty, and his minions of Ganon has seized the island of Koridai.  *King Harkinian: Well, how can help we?  *Gwonam: It is written, the only link will be able to defeat Ganon.  *Link: The great, I grab my stuff!  *Gwonam: There is no free time. Is sufficient your sword.  *Link: Kiss for luck, how about are you?  *Zelda: You've got to be kidding.  *Gwonam: Squadallah, we are off!  *Link: Head Wow, of all people What?  *Gwonam: These are the faces of evil. You must conquer each.  *Link: I think I ride better track me.  *Gwonam: Is a map here. Where do you want to go?

Morshu Scene

  • Morshu: Kerosene, rope, bomb. You want it? It is only, as you have enough rupees, it is you my friend.
  • Morshu: Sorry, but the link. I can not give credit. Come back when they are more abundant ... MM ... a little you!


  • Ganon: I do ...'ll make the greatest face Koridai your link and I participated, and will die on the other!

 *Ganon: No, the pit! It burns!  *Zelda: What do you - What on earth also to do it? The  *Link: I have saved you from Ganon just.  *Zelda: Did not.  *Gwonam: I've done well link! Ganon is imprisoned again. Come.  *Gwonam: Harmony has returned to Koridai already. Birds are singing. As it is written, you are the hero link, of Koridai!  *Link: There must be a value of kiss me!  *Zelda: Ha!  *Link: I won!

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