Epic Rap Battles of History, officially shortened to ERB or ERBoH, is a YouTube video series created by Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD). The series features famous historical and pop culture figures, both fictional and non-fictional, against one another in a rap battle format. Every battle has some sort of connection between the figures used in each battle.


ERBoH started when King Harkinian fused Nice Shukoff and Peter Shukoff to create Nice Peter. Snopp Dogg had created the Fusion Machine the King used, so some of his DNA was a part of the fuse which meant that Nice Peter was good at raping and rapping. But Nice Peter didn't like the first rap battle he made when he rapped against himself made the first official rap battle ever alone. So he hired Lloyd ahlquist for the upcomming battles.

List of Rap Battles

  1. Maxresdefault

    Goat vs Your mom

    King Harkinian vs King Harkinian(scrapped, but released in the dvd christmas special)
  2. John Lemon vs Bill O'rly
  3. Dark Vender Machine vs Hitler
  4. Ape LIncoln Continental vs Chunk Noiris
  5. Sorry Palin vs "Lady" Gogo Gaga
  6. Hunk of Hoegan and Machocist Randy Savage✡ vs King John il
  7. Just-in Beaver vs Famous movie dog
  8. One stone✡ vs Robot guy in Wheelchair
  9. Rapist vs Jesus✡
  10. Napoleon vs Noone
  11. Billy Mays vs Money✡
  12. Gay man vs Dead Wizard
  13. Dr Phil vs Masturbator man
  14. Mr Angry Black Man vs Psycho peadophile
  15. Genocide man vs Captain cock✡
  16. Master chef vs Leonardo
  17. Famous plumber and brother vs black and white men in mustaches who have sex with planes
  18. Black white man vs Fat guy
  19. Girl vs Woman
  20. Steve vs Bob
  21. Man in suit vs Homosex
  22. Black president man vs Not president
  23. Doctor Purple vs Someone
  24. Victim of aspirin vs Guy who talks to chairs
  25. Superman vs Scooby-Doo
  26. Snopp Dogg✡ vs Fat Jesus
  27. Man✡ vs Not-man✡
  28. Yoga teacher vs Black man in suit
  29. Electric Serbian vs Electric American
  30. Baby Ruth vs Cancerballs
  31. Poo addict vs Dead rat
  32. Russian guy vs Not so russian guy
  33. Swagbeard vs STD crimininal
  34. Inferior actor vs Inferior soldier
  35. LSD man vs Afro ninja
  36. Black man vs Not as black man
  37. Scrooge McDuck vs Nephew and friends
  38. Cowboy Necrophile vs Dangerdog
  39. Batman vs Man-with-tiny-genitals
  40. Disney star vs Rectal-apple-man
  41. George W. Bush vs Captain Crunch
  42. The mafiosos vs Crab juice
  43. Marchmallow-man vs the incredible walrus-man✡
  44. Man and woman vs Gay man and woman
  45. God✡ vs God
  46. Bob the builder✡ vs Hank Hill
  47. Alan vs Fat black female who gives free stuff to deppresed housewifes who are going through menopause
  48. Dinosaur-man✡ vs Obesity vs Face-man vs Man who goes insane in the toilet✡ vs Man who has sexual intercourse with explosions
  49. Goat vs Your mom (Released in the Spongebob Squarepants/SS movie)
  50. Yoko Littner vs Gaston
  51. Billion Clintstone vs Al X. Johns
  52. Crack cocain filters vs Pheromones
  53. Fake Allah vs Fake Shrek vs Real Gandhi
  54. Cereal collector vs Rwanda
  55. Naked traitor vs Kepler's second law of planetary motion
  56. Rond Paull vs CD-i-SIS
  57. Headless turkey vs A.M. Meem
  58. John C. CoCain vs Obaminable Hussein
  59. Gavrilo Princip vs Asylum escapee
  60. Poopscrubba vs "That" ""guy""
  61. Retinal warrior vs Stromatolite
  62. Crack Cowcainboy vs Lazy bitch vs Your face
  63. Captain Chechnya vs Homeless economics professor
  64. SchutzBob StaffelPants vs Mmmmango™ mastermind
  65. Ric Asslay vs Ground sloth
  66. Reggae™ Fil-A-Mei vs Legal alien
  67. Premarital Sex™ Luigi™ vs Unintendo™ consequences™™™
  68. Two suicidal explorers vs drug addicts.
  69. Bungie man vs sex addict.
  70. Robot vs man with guns.
  71. A bunch of Europeans vs a bunch of Chinese people.
  72. African man vs slave owner.
  73. Old man vs hippie vs an asshole who gets sexually aroused by cartoons.
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