Fake King
Fake King
He sure looks just like The King doesn't he?
Vital statistics
Occupation Sorcerer, Magician
Name Fake King
Age 80 years (at physical death)
Appearances Form Wars, Post-Poopocalypse shows
Friends Reymond D. Gai and other members of T.O.D.E.
Enemies Link, Western Luigi, King Harkinian
Hometown Earth, New York City, United States
Relatives His original self
His shaved self
His future digital self
His cyborg self
His ghost self
Favorite Things Genocide, his magical powers
Embodied Personalities King Harkinian, The King's Ghost, Bizarro King, Cyborg King, Digital King, Shaved King, The Keng, The Kink, Iarkhainn, Gring Grarkinian
Fake King (2015 - 2045 (physical death), 2066 (real death)) is a (of course) a fake version of King Harkinian, using the same techniques the original got, except weaker and also magical.


Fake King was born in 2015 after the original was killed by Fari via instant fission, seperating it from the original body to become independent with a copy of the same body he created by himself via magical powers that he instantly developed. The difference between him and the original is that he is an evil clone, who only uses the magic powers for destruction, which he demostrates some of them during the Form Wars under the disguise of a necromancer before being shot by Western Luigi, seemily "killed" him.

In 2021, shortly after the death of Cyborg King, he comes back to life instantly via black magic whenever the original dies and plans to resume his master plan on destroying Hyrule, but was halted when Evil Link's forces noticed him and mistakes him for the real King, causing the fake to manipulate them that he is the real one and guides them to the "Mountain of Sacred Dolphins", when is actually a pit of death so that he can escape from being noticed. Three years later, Reymond D. Gai offer him to join on his team to take over Ephedia in exchange of making "changes" to fit his conquer as the king, which he accepts, one year later and the team are struggling to kill Iris' army, the fake King tried to manipulate Auriana so he can easily defeat the leader, but failed when Marcianito cut both of his arms off, retreating to Earth shortly after.

In Earth, twenty years later, Fake King now works as a magician, using fake magic to entertain the audience, until a one day when he wrongfuly participated on a ritual to bring Satan into the world so he can cause an apocalypse, giving him him one more chance to redeem himself, but due to his robotic arms he got, he instead revived Miss Piggy, causing the members of the ritual to stab him to death. Since then, his conscience is looking to find a body perfect for him before eventually being fused with Digital King shortly after being created, causing him to no longer exist.


His physical appearance is exactly the same as the original, exepct his mustache is a little longer, has red eyes and wears red and green variant of the original's outfift, including the crown's color too.


Much like his ghost, he likes to kill people due to his genocidal thoughts, and also being an ego, but after he retreated to Earth, he had lost his touch and became a little gentle to humans with his magic tricks.

People that he killed

  • Some of Evil Link' forces
  • Half quarter of Iris' soldiers


  • Fake King was partially inspired by King Piccolo from the Dragon Ball franchise.
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