Fission Machine

The Fission Machine in the process of breaking down Harkeegee.

The Fission Machine is the exact opposite of the Fusion Machine. It is used to separate things down into their key components.


Atomic: It separates them into the various elements like carbon and oxygen.

Molecular: Separates them into things like DNA and water.

Mixtural: Separates them into things like clay and blood.

Individual: Separates fusions into their key components.


It has been recognized by the Hylian Engineers of Legal Pieces (or HELP for short) that this has many errors, such as:

  • Cutting or even gutting fusions
  • Simply slicing them
  • Keeping objects melted
  • Overheating


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It has an uncanny resemblance to an MRI, but the computer in the side. Also, the object is longer and the opening is larger.


  • Don't diffuse fetuses in there, since it keeps them melted after fission. Pregnant women shouldn't go in there.
  • Not to be confused with Nuclear Fission Machines, which use power to diffuse atoms and collect their energy.
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