YTP ~ Faces of Florida

YTP ~ Faces of Florida

The King goes to Florida.


The flag.

Florida is a state in the United States of America.


In the 1500s, the Spanish discovered Florida. They ruled it for over 300 years until the Americans bought it, and they pushed out all the Native Americans.

Faces of Florida

In 2010, Ganon and his minions seized Florida for its amazing jails. The King, Zelda, Gwonam, and Impa came there to free Link and Florida. There, the king tried to buy food at a weaponry store, and got arrested. Luckily, they broke Link out and defeated Ganon.


Main article: Shrexas

In the late 21st century, Florida became part of the new nation Shrexas.


  • It turns out Hektad and the Mayor live in Jacksonville.
  • Gwonam thinks it's an island, but King Harkinian says it's a peninsula.
  • The capital is Talahasee, while Jacksonville is its biggest city.
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