Fort Allah is a secret place in Koridai. It's where Squad Allah resides. The entrance is on Mt. Harlequin.


This is it


Fort Allah has many rooms. These are just a few of the rooms.

Throne Room

The throne room is where the chief of Squad Allah stays. There is a throne, an ass-ton of gold, and other kingly things.


This is likely the most interesting room in Fort Allah. This is the room where they make blood, food, and human sacrifices to Allah. They also use dark magic to pray to him.


Yes, there is only one bedroom. Well, actually there are two... Anyway, It's one of the biggest rooms in all of Fort Allah, because everyone sleeps there, and they all have queen sized beds.

Chief's Bedroom

This is the second bedroom. Because the chief was a spoiled druggy, he got his own bedroom with a king sized bed, golden statues, room service, a golden carpet, a personal arcade, war practice, high class weponry, and all the room he could need. This is the biggest room of all.


This is self explanatory. It has weapons.

Practice Room

This room is where members of Squad Allah practice shooting, slashing swords and spears, and practice eating. (They're not very good at it because of Kermit).


A room where bad chefs make alright food.


The place where people eat.

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