Fortran Lario
Fortran, wanting to rich.
Vital statistics
Occupation Villain
Name Fortran Lario
Age ~40 billion years.
Appearances Dian Shi Ma Li, YouTube Poop
Friends Malleo, Weegee, Mama Luigi
Enemies King Harkinian
Hometown Unknown.
Relatives Ulona (wife), Ragamiicho (brother), Papa Weegee (brother), Mariincho (sister-in-law), Mashesh (sister-in-law), Weegee (nephew, adopted son), Malleo (nephew, adopted son), Eegeew (nephew), Muigi (son), Lario (son)
Favorite Things Riching.
Embodied Personalities None known.

Fortran is the brother of Ragamiicho and the adoptive father of Weegee and Malleo. His most significant features are his cyan overalls and eyes, red teeth, and white skin. His red teeth are from eating too many dodongoes. Fortran is a rival of King Harkinian, but rarely appears in his poops. Fortran likes to "rich," which means to jump up and give people seizures so you can be rich.


Fortran is really, really old. He is older than almost every other character on this wiki. After he deposed himself as king of the United 'Gees Universe, he married Ulona and killed Grovanjo. His brother later fathered Malleo and Weegee. Impressed with his nephews' evilness, Fortran took custody of them and raised them himself. Eventually, Malleo and Weegee began to plot against King Harkinian. They made Fortran open the enclosed instruction book, which revealed Mama Luigi. Fortran became the King's enemy from that point on.


  • His favorite place outside of the Weegeeverse is Taiwan, where he frequently goes to gamble.
  • He is the great-great-great grandfather of Zaepy, making him an ancestor of Zaepy's children, Mario and Luigi.


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