Claude Frollo
Or else you will burn!
Vital statistics
Occupation Judge, teacher, writer, principal
Name Claude Frollo
Age 94 years.
Appearances The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Frollo Show, YouTube Poop, Link and the Hyrule Gang.
Friends Gaston, M. Bison, Ganon, Fat Mario, Gay Luigi
Enemies King Harkinian, Link, Zelda, Hades, Wilford Brimley
Hometown Paris, France.
Relatives Achmed Frollo, Hans Frollo, Dmitri Frollo (cousins)
Favorite Things Fire, God, "justice", racism, singing
Embodied Personalities Clod Frollo
Claude Frollo (June 15, 1927—August 26, 2026) is an old French man who likes to watch things burn. He also likes to sing in front of his fireplace—which happens to contain some kind of sentient computer called Bleemo—but people keep interrupting him. He is a friend of Gaston and an enemy of King Harkinian.


Early Life


Frollo, circa 1960.

Like Gaston, Claude Frollo was born into an odd family that included an improbable number of identical cousins who lived outside of France. Poor relations with his cousins and the influence of the Nazis occupying France during his teenage years drove Frollo to dislike foreign cultures and begin having racist feelings.

After World War II, Frollo attended and graduated from Shopkeep College. Then, in 1962, he founded a little store called Walmart. However, he quickly gave up and sold the business in favor of pursuing a career as a priest. Over the following decades, Frollo became the most powerful religious official in Paris. In spite of his racism, he tried to win the affections of a Gypsy woman named Esmeralda in 1996, but he failed and ended up falling directly into the pit. Fortunately for Frollo, he was returned to Earth on a technicality, as he hadn't actually died prior to entering the pit.

Rivalry with the King


Frollo leads a prison break.

Frollo eventually met King Harkinian of Hyrule when the King angrily broke into his home of Notre Dame, having overheard Frollo ranting about how he wanted to OAH his daughter Zelda. Frollo didn’t take the interruption kindly, and a long and poorly-animated gunfight ensued. This went on until the King shot Frollo in the balls; Frollo retaliated with his ultimate hellfire attack, which proved ineffective thanks to the King’s Triforce of Courage. In an egregious violation of international law, the King sent the defeated Frollo to a Hylian prison, where he wound up sharing a cell with Duke Onkled and Ganon. Some time later, Fat Mario and Gay Luigi were also imprisoned in Frollo’s cell, and the five inmates decided to break free and seek revenge against the King.

After successfully escaping prison, Frollo took his allies with him back to Notre Dame, where he used a cloning machine (which he just happened to have stored in his attic) to create an army. Frollo immediately launched an attack on Hyrule Castle, nearly defeating the King and the rest of the Zelda CD-i gang. However, Gwonam turned the tide of the battle by stealing Frollo’s cloning machine and creating another army. Frollo and the King finally fought one-on-one once again, and the King defeated Frollo in a familiar fashion by pushing him off a balcony and into a pit of fire. Luckily, Ganon had slipped away during the fighting and saved Frollo from burning to death.

Partnership with Gaston

After his fight with the King, Frollo returned to Paris, where he spent most of his days singing in front of his fireplace and playing World of Warcraft. He finally got a life sometime around 2010, when he met a fellow Frenchman named Gaston. Frollo convinced Gaston to discontinue his futile efforts to win over Belle, while Frollo himself finally gained the motivation to quit trying to woo Esmeralda. This didn't change much, though, as he subsequently took the equally unreceptive Panty as his new waifu. Frollo also began to provide reading lessons to the illiterate Gaston, to little avail.

After becoming the president of France in 2017, Gaston made Frollo his prime minister. President Gaston and Prime Minister Frollo went on to participate in World War III, but by then Frollo was senile and beginning to suffer from dementia, becoming increasingly erratic and paranoid. These mental issues resulted in him intentionally burning Notre Dame down by accident in 2019, leaving him homeless.

End of World War III and Death

In August 2026, near the end of World War III, Gaston was assassinated and Frollo subsequently promoted himself to being the French president. As the combined forces of the British and German armies were heading towards France, Frollo realized that he was losing the war and decided to ensure that neither side would win. After sending his family to Russia, Frollo launched the entire French nuclear arsenal and went to the balcony of his home, where he said his last words, then fatally shot himself in the head. Fortunately, Chuck Norris saved the world from a nuclear apocalypse. Within days of Frollo's death, his armies had either surrendered or committed mass suicide.



Frollo's head is on fire, but he doesn't care.




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