Fusion Machine

A machine.

The Fusion Machine is something that combines two objects together to make one new object. It is the exact opposite of the Fission Machine.


It is often used to create exact intermediates (50% Weegee, 50% Impa, for example) by melting them and mixing them, but can also add object 2's head onto object 1's body, or create layer slices of objects 1 and 2, or make a slice that is half 1 and half 2.

Used On




This is the sort of thing that can happen if you use the machine carelessly.

It looks like a metal shower with a glass door, a status screen, and a button to turn it on or off.


In 2080, it was illegalized due to it making only evil fusions (for some reason, all its fusions turned out evil). Since then, it has only been legal on Truceland.

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