Once again, Gay Luigi ruins Gamelai's epicness.

Gamelai is a Hylian state that is the opposite of Koridon, its longtime rival. It is located across the sea from Koridai, and about 2.7 million people live there. Unfortunately, the Gamelians aren't into technology and helpfulness as Koridon, but Gamelai has an epic name and cool video game settings. Be careful, as Gay Luigi is usually lurking there waiting for his prey.


In 1981, Hurricane Zelda killed tens of millions of Gamelians and destroyed the state's capital of Laurelai. The Gamelians blamed the Koridonians, starting a Hylian Civil War. Gamelai lost, and then the Baker melted the state's entire rupee supply, helping to cause the Hylian Market Crash. The state suffered relatively little damage from the Poopocalypse, but a large portion of it was later contaminated with radiation released in the Toast Meltdown. As a result, the affected areas lost all of their inhabitants with the exception of Gay Luigi clones, who had inherited resistance to radiation from the original Gay Luigi. In 2155, the Luigi clone-dominated sections of Gamelai became part of the new nation of Gayland.

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