Zelda exploring Gamelon.

"I'm going to Gamelon for the hell of it."
—King Harkinian

Gamelon is a state in Hyrule and is King Harkinian's favorite vacation spot. The King's relative Onkled Harkinian is the duke of the region, which is home to about 34 million people.


Gamelon map

The king goes here.

Gamelon has a tropical climate, and is mostly desert and jungle. It is also the largest region of Hyrule. Its capital is Sakado. Since mountains, swamps, and swamp mountains cover its entire land border with the rest of Hyrule, most travel to Gamelon is done by ship, primarily from the Shipt Port in Koridai.



Prehistoric Times

Around 1000 BC, Gamelonians began to use bronze to make swords and shields, and developed an economy and a civilization.

Classical Era

In the year 270 BC, the city of Lol-Funny was built near modern Tkyogi, Gamelon. There, the first great king of Gamelon ruled the nation and Gamelon prospered. However, in the year 300 AD, Hyrule conquered the nation and it fell into great disorder.

First Medieval Era

Life sucked in Medieval Gamelon. Everyone would die before the age of 26, and your bathroom was on the floor. However, in the year 1107, the first 7-11 was invented in Gamelon and then many people could use the bathroom there and eat good food there.


Industrial Era

During the Industrial Era there, Gamelon won independence from Hyrule. The Gamelonians began to use stuff as advanced as the car and even simple computers by the 1300s. However, after that, Hyrule conquered Gamelon again.

Second Medieval Era

Between the 1500s and the 1800s, Gamelon was once again owned by the pesky Hylians. Gamelon also claimed land abandoned by Tolemac back in 1347. Life sucked even more during the 1500s in Gamelon then it did in the 500s in Gamelon! However, conditions improved in the late 1700s, and soon they left the medieval era for good.

Modern Era

Since the 1700s, many industrial technologies have spread through Hyrule, even cell phones and pianos. Gamelon is still suffering from the Second Medieval Era, and is the source of most of Eluryh's global warming. However, the quality of life there was still kinda OK until trolls destroyed most of the region during the Poopocalypse in 2019.


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