Garfielf is a mistake made by Poop Science at Patrick Star Wumbology College. He is a skinny orange cat who is a defect once made by David.


In 1995, Gafrield was at the Wumbology college experimenting with Poop Science, ultimately creating himself. THis copy was named Garfielf Horation IIII Pot. Garfield then unexplainabally teleported to 2254. He later found Jon Arbuckle and then stayed there until he died in 2047 because of Jon Arbuckle's Weegee virus.


  • Being called Garfield
  • Sleeping
  • Drinking bleach
  • Worshiping Morshu with satanic pentagrams with 4 candles around it.


  • Riding a cheetah
  • Being 4 years old.


1995: Garfielf is created

1999: Square Root of Minus Garfield Created.

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