The man himself
Vital statistics
Occupation Astronomer, Scientist, Quest Giver
Name Gaspra
Age 1001 Years Old
Appearances Zeldas Adventure(Philips-CDI)
Born April 20th, 1015
Died Not dead yet
Friends King Harkinian, Zelda, Link, The Stars, Ganon(Secretly), Ushrom
Enemies Ganon, Impa(His Ex-Wife)
Hometown Tolemac, county of Hyrule
Relatives King Harkinian, Zelda, The Queen, Royal Family, Ushrom, I.M. Meen
Faction Independent/Royal Family
Fate Alive, as of late 2015
Favorite Things Looking at the stars, being a pervert towards zelda, astronomy, Link
Embodied Personalities Alternate Personality that likes Ganon

Gaspra (Born 4/20/1015) is a wizard, astronomer, and creepy old dude who resides in Tolemac, a defunct region of Hyrule that appeared in the game Zelda's Adventure. He hates King Harkinian and his friends because he considers it unfair that while his own lousy CD-i game is almost unknown even to YouTube Poopers, their lousy CD-i games made them famous.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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