Arnaud Gaston
Vital statistics
Occupation Hunter, decorator.
Name Arnaud Gaston
Age 46 years.
Appearances Beauty and The Beast, The Frollo Show, YouTube Poop.
Friends Lefou, Frollo.
Enemies King Harkinian, Belle, Beast.
Hometown Rural France.
Favorite Things Eggs, women, himself, Taco Bell.
Embodied Personalities None known.

Arnaud Gaston is one hell of a guy.


Gaston was born on July 5, 1969 in some village in France. When he was Aladdin a lad, he ate four dozen eggs every morning, giving him nearly-superhuman strength. Now a local legend, he became accustomed to getting everything he wanted, but in 1991, he failed at convincing Belle to marry him. After that, Gaston fell into a long period of depression, where he would stay in the tavern all day drinking beer, playing video games, and watching anime. He tried working as an interior decorator for a while and was actually pretty good at it, but he didn't get many customers, probably because he used Hitler in all of his decorating for some reason.


Did you really doubt he could fire his lazar?

In 2010, he met Claude Frollo and finally got a life. He then took a trip to Hyrule and debated the merits of breakfast with King Harkinian, who banished him. This, combined with heavy taxes the King imposed on Gaston's beloved Taco Bell, made Gaston angry, so during the Form Wars, he teamed up with HEVS to undermine the pures' war effort without directly supporting the forms. After the King was killed, Gaston withdrew from the conflict and went back to France, where he won the 2017 presidential election. He and Frollo soon led France into World War III. He was the target of many assassination attempts during the conflict, but survived until Yoko Littner finally killed him during the final year of the war.



Gaston, in a rare moment of deep contemplation.

  • He is believed to be a descendant of Best Hercules.
  • He is illiterate.
  • He ate Babar.
  • There is a religion that worships him.
  • He has an illegitimate son with Osaka.
  • He recklessly fires guns inside crowded buildings.
  • He appears in the video game Lefou's Quest IV. Oddly enough, he can never get past the first few levels when he plays it.
  • According to Disney, he died because there were skulls in his eyes when he fell from the balcony. Don't listen to them.
  • He owns a copy of The Big Action. Too bad he can't read it, in spite of Frollo's efforts to teach him.
  • He had two compilation videos about him.
  • Like Frollo, he has relatives in many countries around the world.


Best of Gaston Youtube Poop

Best of Gaston Youtube Poop

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