A typical gay couple.

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Gay (short for gender-associative yellers) people are attracted to people of their own gender. Bisexuals are not quite completely gay, but they're similar.

Alternate Names

Patty Bouvier1

This woman is GAY.

  • Fag, insulting. Male gays only
  • Homo(sexuals)
  • Confused people

Types of Gays

These are the subspecies of gays as well as related creatures.


Lesbian people are women who love women. Some people exploit this for porn, which straight guys and lesbians masturbate to.

Male Gays

Angry Luigi

Gay Luigi is not amused.

The worst kind of gay. Also represent the most common gays. Avoid them at all costs.


IMG 20130525 132243

I invented purple cum!

They love boys, girls, and hermaphrodites. Cool, huh?


Like bisexuals, but can also be attracted by genderless objects. The species barrier is much less limiting for them, too.

Gay People

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Male Gays



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