If he invites you to a picnic, don't go.

Gay Hitler (6889–7891) is a gay clone of Adolf Hitler. Need I say more?


In the year 6889, Picnic Floda, under the leadership of Oiram, created many clones of Hitler and released them throughout the known universe. Oiram claimed that they were doing this to test their cloning methods, but in reality, he was trying to spread his Nazi beliefs again. On a fateful day, one of these clones went to Gayland for a vacation, only to be attacked by some of Gay Luigi's clones, who turned him into a gay man. The clone was shunned for his homosexuality by his fellow Nazis, so to get revenge, he founded the Gay Nazis. As the leader of the Gay Nazis, Gay Hitler took over Gayland and began trying to kill all straight people on Eluryh, starting the Gay Wars. Oiram finally killed him in 7891, but his followers continued fighting the war without him.


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