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George Harkinian (1819–1893) was Billy Bob Harkinian's father and King Harkinian's Great-Grandfather.


George Harkinian was born to Howard Harkinian and Molly Loney on September 15, 1819. He successfully completed school with the help of his parents. He always looked like young kid (No long hair or beard). When his son was born his parents as always helped him but they died 4 years after Billy's birth. Before they died at Howard's command. George became the King at September 15 1852 (George's birthday). 11 years later when George saw that his son is very ugly and stupid, and his parents couldn't no longer help him, He decided to commit suicide by helping people destroy Weegee Virus. When he couldn't work for any labs, he bought poison from Morshu's grandfather. When George started to drink this poison he was exited to die and leave his ugly son and meet his parents again. When he didn't see any differences he was very angry. Then he looked at his finger and mouth (at old mirror) he saw green (color of poisoned drink) and it's very slowly moving through his body. So he wanted to drink more. He spent all his money to buy this drink. Then his body was all green he was very happy and his last word was: It's good to leave you son. And he fallen and died, at August 12th 1893. His son became the King and was significantly smarter than his stupid father.

Present Year

Today at 2017 Territory A. Forces at John Harkinian's command at 2014 they started to search for George's corpse but they found only his crown and costume. They cleaned all the castle but nothing. They hold crown and costume in archive of Hyrule.

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