George Bush tries to give a speech..

George Bush tries to give a speech...


Bush tries to eat a cat.

"There's an old saying in Hyrule—I know it's in the Mushroom Kingdom, probably Hyrule—that says, all toasters toast—toasters toast. Too many toasters—you can't toast toast."

George Walker Bush (1946–) is a bumbling shmuck former president of the United States of America. He started the War on Terror. Bush is known for being the biggest asshole for his evil deeds against his own reign. He also probably did 9/11, and is a vocal supporter of the AIDS epidemic.


As a kid, he was a spoiled brat. He never grew up and so when he became the president, he reigned as a major ass. Despite his incompetence, his approval ratings remained unreasonably high until Dr. Robotnik interrupted him during a speech and tricked everyone into thinking he wanted to enact government-enforced pingas mutilation.




  • He has an extremely weak handshake, which almost made Hank Hill not vote for him in 2000.

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