Scatman as a ghost.

Scatman John returned in the form of a ghost after he died at the hands of Fat Mario in 2007.


Super mario 64 bloopers scatman's revenge

Super mario 64 bloopers scatman's revenge

After Fat Mario killed him with toast, Scatman escaped from the pit, becoming a ghost, and set out to stop people from continuing to play his music. He also founded the nation of Scatland. The evil beings who ran the pit never tried to bring Scatman back, preferring to see people prevented from listening to good music in the mortal world.

In 2011, Scatman arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom and targeted Mario by making him wear glitchy clothes and unleashing a giant version of Mario on Toadstool Castle. In the end, Toad defeated Scatman by singing a Justin Bieber song and Mario convinced Scatman to stop trying to destroy his own music.


  • He wears the same hat he wore when he was alive. This really shouldn't be possible.
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