Ghost Weegee(10 Billion Years old)


Ghost Weegee
Ghost Weegee
Vital statistics
Occupation Ghost, Deity
Name Ghost Weegee
Age ~10B Years
Appearances Every Halloween
Friends Weegee, Malleo
Enemies King Harkinian, The Baker
Hometown Hyrule
Relatives Weegee, Malleo
Favorite Things Haunting Hyrule or Gamelon
Embodied Personalities Weegee
Ghost Weegee was born 10 Billion years ago, in Hyrule, being the only Weegee not born in the Gee's Universe. He was created by Weegee in ancient Hyrule to watch over the Hyrulian-Gamelonian zone. He loves to haunt King Harkinian and the Baker. He survived the form wars but was called a coward, as he only lived by going invisible when about to be killed. He only appears in Hyrule or Gamelon every October since 1990, when there weren't enough deaths in Hyrule, because of Modern Medicine.
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