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Charles "Chuck Gnorris" Gnorris (1959–2018) is I.M. Meen's untrusty minion. He disapproves of Meen's schemes and often tries to undermine him; however, he is also sexually attracted to Meen, and he once tried to molest him at gunpoint. He has the ability to shoot crystal orbs and scrotums at people, and is a good friend of Scott, Katie, and Barack Obama. He also knows about I.M. Meen's father Writewell. He joined the pure army during the Form Wars and was killed by Gay Luigi near the conflict's end.

Chuck Gnorris

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  • "Here, take this crystal orb. You can use it to contact me whenever you touch a scroll. Now go, before the guardians catch you!"
  • "The boss is waiting for you up there. He's really mad. You don't stand a chance without Writewell's Book of Better Grammar."
  • "Fight him from a distance, if you can!"
  • "By this time you'll free all the kids before dinnertime!"
  • "Oh I gotta run, the boss is calling me!"
  • "Please, boss! Don't turn me into a Warthog!"


  • Sometimes, like in YTP Gunfight or I.M. Gay 2, he will assist King Harkinian in his adventures.
  • He has poor personal hygiene and rarely scrubs himself; consequently, he smells like poop. After I.M. Meen and Morshu both pointed this out to him, Gnorris lost his temper and tried to kill Morshu.
  • His in-game sprite makes him look like he has a beard.


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