Condemned spaghetti

The solution to gray spaghetti. Effective, but not very creative if you ask me.

Not to be confused with gay spaghetti.

Gray spaghetti is a toxic but particularly delicious variety of spaghetti containing AIDS and plutonium. It was invented sometime in 2015 by The Baker, who had been hired by King John Harkinian to create a new source of pasta for the people of Hyrule after Earth, due to Gay Luigi's machinations, banned all exports of the food to Hyrule during the Form Wars. While a great success due to its taste, a year later its consumers began dying of radiation poisoning, and by 2017 fatalities were at pandemic levels. However, nobody realized gray spaghetti was the culprit until Fat Mario and Gay Luigi condemned the supply. For obvious reasons, it has rarely been eaten since then.

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