Greegee is a genetically-modified Weegee clone that got exposed to some odd radioactive substance called Fire Flower Radiation back in the 1500s (it should be noted that Weegees have really powerful technology, so they had a type 2 civlization millions of years ago, whereas we barely have a type 1). He became Greegee.

At one point, he seized the island of Koridai. Gwonam informed the king about this, but soon Greegee had infected GwonamKing Harkinian and Link, creating GronamGring Grarkinian and Grink in 2014. But this was not before Greegee was defeated by Weegee

Greegee survived the attacks, and lived to participate in the Form Wars. However, he and the Greegified people, known as greatures, were killed. The greatures become their own separate forms while the non-Greegeefied versions became separate from the greatures, meaning Gwonam and co survived the Form Wars, and the king was killed by someone else). Or was Greegee killed? No. At least, not for long. Gralleo (Greegee's brother) revived him, and soon Greegee returned to his home universe.

Youtube poop greegee's adventure

Youtube poop greegee's adventure

Greegee's only poop.

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