Gring Grarkinian

Grah Groi, gris greace gris grat grall grue grarriors grive gror!

"Gri gronder grat's gror grinner?"

Gring Grarkinian was created when King Harkinian was infected with the Greegee virus. His robes turned orange and pink, his crown turned orangish-yellowish, his emblem received a blue "X", a face grew on his robes, he gained red, clawed gloves, his hair turned blonde, his facial hair turned red, and his eyes turned red. His "groi" is Grink, and his daughter is Grelda. His enemy is Granon, and his other friends are Gronam, Grorshu, Gruke Gronkled, Grari, and Grimpa. He doesn't know Grario or Gruigi.

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