Grounder is a robot that was built in 1987 by Dr. Robotnik. He is known to have one huge hand and one tiny hand, and has an older "brother" named Scratch.


Scratch was built around Halloween 1987 as a prank for Robotnik to pull on Sonic (Sound familiar?), but he got into a big fight with Scratch, and their fight continued for years, causing them to lose to Sonic. He was decommissioned in 2003 due to his failures, but Cinos brought him back to "life."


  • He works on the Robotnik Express, where he is responsible for locking up the throttle.
  • He almost got himself and Robotnik killed when he tried singing, unaware that music was forbidden at the time.
  • He is obsessed with detonators.
  • He can turn one of his hands into a pumpkin by blowing on it, much to the Nostalgia Critic's confusion.
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