Gwonam's Big Book of Birds
The History of Avians
Vital statistics
Name Gwonam's Big Book of Birds
Author Gwonam al-Fari
Publishing Date 1969
Other Names *The History of Avians
  • Gwonam's History of Avians
  • Hylian Bird Guide
  • Ornithology
Famous Owners Link, King Harkinian
Subject A bunch of information about bird ecology, history, and cultural significance.

Gwonam's Big Book of Birds is a book all about bird history, anatomy, cultural significance, and other information. They are categorized in that order, and then there's an appendix showing bird maps, timelines, and bird types and sizes, then an index and a bibliography.


Morshu banned anyone who read it, but everyone else (minus Fari) loved it.

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