Gwonam's X-wing

Gwonam's T-65 X-wing.

Gwonam's X-wing was a Rebel starfighter that Gwonam purchased for personal use.


The starfighter was an Incom T-65 X-wing Space Superiority Starfighter that was purchased on eBay by Gwonam for about 149,000 credits. It was bought used from an unknown seller.


After its delivery to Hyrule Castle , the X-wing was taken by King Harkinian for a joyride. Harkinian flew the starfighter into direct combat with a Star Destroyer and eventually made an impossibly accurate hyperspace jump into the Death Star's access port.

Inside the Death Star, Harkinian was chased by a squadron of TIEs, forcing him to begin evasive maneuvers. In such cramped space, he banged the ship several times against the wall. Miraculously enough, it didn't cause any damage to the X-wing.

Later, the X-wing was 'borrowed' by Gwonam's twin brother Namowg as a means of transportation from an unknown planet to the planet where Hyrule Castle is located. During its final flight, Harkinian was flying the craft to aid Lucy Wild in defeating Gru on another part of the planet. When Harkinian was teleported out of the pilot's seat, it then crashed into the earth. The crash instantly destroyed the X-wing.

Harkinian in the Death Star

Harkinian being chased by two TIE Fighters inside the Death Star.

Namowg in Gwonam's X-wing

Namowg in Gwonam's X-wing.

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