Yes, he had that beard in his 20's. Why do you ask?

Gwonam al-Fari IV (born 1969) is the firstborn son of Gwonam al-Fari III and the oldest of Gwonam's grandchildren. He attended Warrior College in the 80's, graduating shortly after the Hylian Civil War ended. He later participated in the Rupee War and used his profits from the war to go into the real estate business. Most buildings in Hyrule were vacant at the time due to the Hylian Market Crash, so Gwonam IV was able to acquire over 9,000 square miles of property in Gomalan alone. When the Hylian economy began to recover, Gwonam IV rebranded himself as "Gwonam the House Salesman" and began selling his land. This even included Hyrule Castle, which he sold back to King Harkinian in early 1993.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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