Hang 'Em Higher, often promoted with an "MMM" added to the title, is a 1994 Hylian Western-style film that is Morshu's directorial debut. Unfortunately, though somewhat appropriately, it bombed horribly. It features a cameo appearance by Gay Luigi that was meant to promote the upcoming game Hotel Mario.



Some of teh film's all-star cast.

Morshu's efforts to establish a solo music career after the break-up of Pingas MMMMusic resulted in failure, so he decided to try and start a film career, having already worked in television on The Retarded Yoshi Show. His uncle Movieshu offered to cast him in Shupa Malleo Brudahs: Teh Seekwehl, but Morshu foolishly thought he could make a better movie on his own. Giving himself a massive budget, he had an entire town built as a set. However, due to Morshu's perfectionism and egotistical behavior—he ended up casting himself as the protagonist—production lasted for years and exceeded the already massive initial budget. Filming was also stalled as a result of the Hylian Market Crash, which drastically reduced Morshu's wealth, and many of the sets were repeatedly destroyed in terrorist attacks by Morshu's enemy Boshi.



Gay Luigi's appearance.

Morshu's character is wrongfully lynched by three evil guys, who are portrayed by King Harkinian, Gwonam, and Link. Morshu somehow survives, and then he seeks revenge, consuming lotsa drugs to increase his power. In the end, he tracks his enemies down to the Ganon Saloon and effortlessly shoots them all dead.


Hang 'Em Higher made very little money when it was finally released in 1994, largely because it opened on the same weekend as Movieshu's much-anticipated Hiatus: The Movie. Reviewers savaged Morshu's film, with many complaining about the anticlimactic final gunfight, in which Morshu kills all his enemies in a matter of seconds. Many viewers were also offended by the prominent role of drug use in the film, which was subtly hinted at in the title but was otherwise never indicated in any pre-release information about the film.

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