Hank Rutherford Anderson Hill
Anime Hank Hill
Anime Hank.
Vital statistics
Occupation "I sell propane and propane accessories.", King of some Hill in Texas
Name Hank Rutherford Anderson Hill
Age 51
Appearances King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead.
Friends Dale Gribble, Boomhauer
Enemies Bill Dauterive
Hometown Arlen, Texas
Relatives Bobby Hill, son
Favorite Things Propane
Embodied Personalities Hankborg

Hank Hill (April 19, 1957 - April 2013, Febuary 2014 - August 2017 and other causes) is the king of some hill in Texas. He is obsessed with propane and propane accessories. Since he is a popular YouTube Poop character, it is certain he's crossed with Zelda CD-i poops.


Hank was born to Cotton Hill in 1957. He grew up in Arlen, Texas, and became excited with propane. He then went to work in Strickland Propane and had a baby with Peggy Hill. The baby is named Bobby Hill.

After a while, Hank had a propane emergency. This caused him to go insane, and the first thing he did was Falcon Punch Bill Dauterive. After that, he obtained some orb-like object and got very fat. He then began to throw lacrosse balls at Bobby and Joseph, then started feeling homosexual thoughts. He got over it, but then became a super Saiyan. He destroyed much of Arlen, but made sure he could deliver his propane, even if he died in the process. After that, he went back to normal.

In 2013, he married Lois Griffin and he had childern, but was then divorced, went back to bed, and drunk some propane and died, but he was revived by Gay Luigi and Mama Luigi to fight on there side in the Form Wars in 2014, but he was then killed by Link in 2017, but was revived again by Stone Luigi II in 2018 and was given powers to revive himself after he died, unfortunately, he was killed by Evil Link in 2026, but was luckily revived after that and he kept dying of other causes and being revived over, over and over again.

Mental Problems

Hank goes insane if he doesn't have any propane, and can randomly attack people, just like as seen above. He is a very violent Arlenian (or Arlenite). He will randomly yell, "BWAH!" and will attack anyone who has gasoline (hypocritical, actually) or butane. He really likes Texas, almost more than the United States of America, and as his form Hankborg started the Texan rebellion of 2095. He has also has mental retardation after the explosion he caused.


He says every word starting with "B" as "bw"; "Bwabby Hill," "Mah Bwoi", "Bwill," etc. etc.


Is that a word?


He has no style 


Not much is known about this

Medical Issues

He had the Blue Yoshi Virus when he went to Japan in since 1977 and still has it, but he survived and does not mind about it.


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