Weegee virus

A typical Weegee virus.

Harkeegee Viruses are viruses that infect people with a different effect than the Weegee Virus. They are transmitted by Harkeegees.


  • Harkeegee Virus (makes people cannibalistic)
  • Impeegee Virus (make them say "ogy" and grow old)
  • Weegpa Virus (makes victims want to kill King Harkinian)
  • Linkgee Virus (turns them into bronze)
  • Falle Virus (makes them want anarchy)
  • Zeldeegee Virus (makes them depressed and say "Impeegee" over and over)
  • Wekins Virus (like the Weegee Virus, but much weaker)
  • Onkeegee Virus (makes them greedier and more cowardly)
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