Harkinianity is a religion focusing on King Harkinian and his form Jesurz. It is considered either the fourth or fifth of the Abrahamic faiths, depending on whether it started before or after Luigiism first appeared. It is considered a minor religion, as only about 0.0001% of Hylians identify as Harkinianians, and it was outlawed during the Form Wars.



YTP Religion in Hyrule

One morning, the King woke up with a halo over his head and a white light around his body. Noticing this, the King thought he had become Jesus and immediately announced this to everyone in Hyrule Castle. In his excitement, however, the King mispronounced “Jesus” as “Jesurz,” and he and Jesurz split into separate entities. Jesurz disappeared when Link said he was hungry enough to eat him, but the religion’s followers believe he will return one day.


  • That King Harkinian will merge with his form Jesurz and become a perfect, benevolent being
  • That everything Link does is evil
  • That anyone who eats lunch must go to the pit
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