Youtube Poop Link takes acid

Youtube Poop Link takes acid

Harlan Quinlan Bomeninofanon, better known as Harlequin, is Ganon's son and trusty minion. He likes turning losers into minions. He also tried to keep King Harkinian from getting a 3DS, and is a friend of I.M. Meen. He is also in love with Lupay, and Meen once gave him advice on how to woo her. However, he misinterpreted it horribly, causing him to get rejected and subsequently stabbed by Millitron.


Harlequin in game sprite

Harlequin's sprite.

Harlequin was born in 1982 to Ganon and Queen Harkinian. He liked screwing around with people and often cheated them out of money. He took this to the extreme in 1993, and made Knil his minion. However, Link defeated him in Koridai and went on to use his deflated body as a balloon.




  • "Now you know what it means when you lose your last rupee!"
  • "Take him away!"
  • "I'd say your odds are about a million to none, but let's have fun anyway!"
  • "Lucky shot!"
  • "Bloody s--t!"
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