Harry, wearing his usual gay outfit.

Harold Harkinian II, later known as Harold Schrob, is the son of Zelda and Link and an older brother of Robby Harkinian.


Harry Harkinian was born at Hyrule General Hospital in Hyrule City, Gomalan around Christmastime in 2012, shortly after Link and Zelda were married. He became the king of Hyrule when Link established the Schrob dynasty in 2020, but fled the country in 2030 after his now-evil father ordered his death. Hunted by HEVS, Harry then sought refuge in San Francisco and took up residence in So Gai Boi Palace, where he became gay. After Evil Link's downfall, Birdo and Yoshi, wanting to appease people who missed the Harkinian dynasty, allowed Harry to return to Hyrule and resume his reign, but forced him to share power with them. Harry decided to keep the name Schrob, disowning any connection to the Harkinian side of his family, and would eventually seduce and marry Gay Luigi.



A newborn Harry with his parents.

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