It burns!

Hillary Rodham Clinton (19472048) was a leech in American politics and especially the already horrible Democratic Party. It first got power in the 90s when it became the First Lady of the United States followed by a Senator from New York. After that it ran for President of the United States but lost to Barack Obama and became Secretary of State. In ran again in 2016, and had to resort to fraud to win its party's nomination, even though the only competition was an old socialist. Despite these efforts, it lost the election to Patrick Star.

After 2016, it continued to run in every Presidential election in its pursuit of world domination, but failed every time. It nearly died when Weegee defeated it in 2028, but managed to survive by draining the last of its husband's life force. In 2048, it finally won the Democratic nomination only to lose the general election to the Republican candidate, leaving it desperate to stay alive, but it was too late for it as it finds out its husband passed away years ago, and because of this, it turns into literally nothing more than dust.


"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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