Homer Jay Simpson
Homer Simpson
Homer in "Final Hours".
Vital statistics
Occupation Technical supervisor at Springfield Nuclear Powerplant.
Name Homer Jay Simpson
Age 41
Appearances The Simpsons Franchise
Friends Lenny Leonard, Karl Karlson, Barney Grumble, King Harkinian
Enemies Peter Griffin, Michael Rosen, Sideshow Bob
Hometown Springfield
Relatives Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson
Favorite Things Donuts, beer, TV.
Embodied Personalities Anime Homer, GI Homer, NeverQuest Homer.

Homer J. Simpson (1972- the Treehouse of Horror series) is a person who appears in the Simpsons. He is considered the most popular character on this show ever since interest in Bart Simpson died down. He is fat (but not nearly as fat as Peter Griffin) and stupid (but not nearly as stupid as Peter Griffin). He was a voice actor for Poochy as well as King Harkinian in "The King Gets a New Car". Homer is dumb because he got a crayon stuck in his head, halving his intelligence. He is famous for saying "D'oh!" and was once a mall Santa


Homer with his Mental flag.


Homer Simpson was born to Mona and Abraham Simpson a long time ago, sometime between 1950 and 1975. However, due to the floating timeline this will always keep changing. Homer Simpson got a crayon stuck in his nose, as said above, and became stupid. Later, he met Marge Simpson and had three kids. The kids caused Homer to tear all his hair out. He now lives in Springfield, (address withheld). His son became an enemy of Sideshow Bob, who kidnapped Homer and his family in 2009 and imprisoned them on board Ronald McDonald's cheeseburger-shaped airship. Bob then tried to kill Homer with an exploding CD-i, but Link came and saved them. On December 21, 2012, Homer was one of the many people who joined King Harkinian in waiting for the apocalypse. He was the first person to leave after he realized nothing was going to happen, and he was followed by Brian Griffin. Soon, everyone else left.


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