Gay People

Well, look. Stupid AND gay.

The Homosexual Organization of Gay Friends is a team that was formerly lead by Larry Koopa but is now ruled by Princess Peach. They appear to be dressed in red, but are actually covered in red paint. 


Gay Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is gay!

In order to weaken the Mushroom Kingdom, Larry Koopa decided to separate the only two kinds of people in the country: the stupid people and the gay people. Larry Koopa took lead of the gay people, and after the Mushroom Civil War decided to kill all stupid people. Eventually, the gay people overthrew Larry and got the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous gay: Princess Toadstool. Larry got jealous, and sought his revenge. Eventually, they got tired of it, and decided to call a draw and became straight while the stupid people became educated. The Mushroom Kingdom evolved from a hellhole into a decent country.


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