High Quality Hotel Mario Intro

High Quality Hotel Mario Intro

Hotel Mario is a very popular Mario video game released in 1994. Okay, so it's not popular. In fact, it was so shameful that Nintendo tried to erase it from history.


After Phillips cancelled Mario's Wacky Worlds in 1994, they realized they still had to make a Mario video game. So they made Hotel Mario at the last minute. Surely enough, it sucked (but the music was great!), and Shigeru Miyamoto erased the minds of people who knew about it to protect Nintendo's reputation. However, a few thousand managed to remember, and many of them went on to edit it to make it somewhat funny.

Youtube Poop - Hotel Mario Deleted Cutscenes

Youtube Poop - Hotel Mario Deleted Cutscenes

During the development, there were secretly deleted cutscenes.


The princess of the evil Mushroom Kingdom invites Fat Mario and Gay Luigi to a Hitler picnic. However, his majesty (no offense, King Harkinian) King Bowser Koopa has kidnapped her... again. The stupid brothers have to defeat him.



Terrorist Mario.

  • There is a real Hotel Mario in Italy.
  • This is the last time Mario speaks before speaking in that stupid Italian accent.
  • It is also the first Mario game on a disc.
  • Mario's voice actor in this game was actually glad that it became a source for YTPs.
  • It is set in 1980.





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